Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back to Blogging.


I have returned to blogging! I have had a frantic few months with exams, moving house, and starting my PGCE.  I have JUST got internet so I will hopefully be able to blog more frequently.

The time out has also allowed me to think about what I would like to blog about. Today I have elected to talk about getting organised for a busy day at work or school.

The Sunday before:

  • Make your lunches for the week. Last week I had dan dan noodles and this week I will have pasta with a tomato and basil sauce ( I will do the recipes and cost break down for these shortly).
  • Write up a list of things that are happening in the upcoming week. You are less likely to forget about THAT appointment or needing to pick up a parcel if you have it written down. I have a wipe board for this. 
  • Relax. It is Sunday after all!
The Night before:
  • Choose your outfit. It's better to discover now that your shirt is a crumpled mess when you have time to deal with it rather than when you are in a hurry in the morning. 
  • Pack up your bag with the necessities of the day. Include all of your paperwork so you don't have a mad dash around the house in the morning. 
  • Check over your 'to do' list. Then you'll know if you have something to do tomorrow that is different from your routine. 
The Morning:
  • Shower, pick up your pre-made lunch and pre-packed bag and go and enjoy a day with less stress!

I hope you found that helpful. As always, if you have a particular request get in touch!

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  1. Great advice! I don't know how many mornings I've found myself running around like a headless chicken.