Monday, 9 April 2012

Reuse, recycle and repurpose: an old bra.

The finished product
I hope you've all had a lovely Easter/bank holiday weekend and have enjoyed a long weekend. Have you been up to much charity shop or vintage fair hauling recently? I've been looking through my blog subscriptions and many bloggers have had some absolute steals!

Now back on topic! Please excuse the quality of these pictures- they were taken very late at night.

I've always wondered what you're meant to *do* with bras when they don't offer the support you need any more- you can't really give them to a charity shop, can you?
The original old and fading bra.

I decided I would repurpose one of mine- I made it into a scented wardrobe hanger. Now you must remember dear reader that I am a busty wench so my bra did hold a lot of material.


  1. Remove the cup from the bra.
  2. Take out any padding and chop into small bits
  3. If you have any padding add some essential oils- I used lavender because it deters moths so I am told- if not add soak some cotton wool or pillow stuffing.
  4. While you'e waiting for the oil to soak into your stuffing remove any straps from the cup of the bra. You should be left with a bra that is sewed on two sides.
  5. Add the soaked stuffing to the interior of the bra and stick up the remaining side
  6. Attach a pretty ribbon and hang it up in your wardrobe!
I particularly like this item because it repurposes something that would normally be thrown away, it is quite pretty, and it gently scents your clothes and should hopefully stop them getting eaten by moths, thus making them last longer!

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