Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Belly dancing bra: update

I promised you an update of the bra... but then I forgot! Then I spotted my costume hanging up and it sparked a feeling of guilt that I had not updated you.

Full ensemble: skirt, bra, shimmy belt and choli. 

I eventually finished the bra and I even performed in a show whilst wearing it. However, I also forgot to take a decent picture whilst wearing the bra so I have had to do a *rush job*. I also learned that it is really hard to take a picture of a bra when there are no breasts in it. I do have a show coming up soon through so I will take some pictures of the bra in action.

Close up detailing of the bra. 
In the meantime here are some pictures of my costume in it's entirety. All in all, i'm pretty proud of myself (not of the pictures, they're pretty dire) as making a standard bra look half decent took a fair amount of time and effort. I also saved myself a lot of money whilst doing it- as discussed previously belly dancing bras are really expensive and as a poor student I could not possibly afford buying one. Making one has enabled me to have fun with a really great group of young women in my society and do something I enjoy. 

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