Saturday, 7 April 2012

A belated birthday treat

Today I had a lovely spa experience at a local place called Eternity Spa in Sale, Cheshire (which isn't too far from me). I had a lovely full body massage, facial and a manicure groupon voucher that my big sister bought me for my birthday- I don't know the exact cost of the voucher because it was a gift but the whole experience was *worth* £130.

A nice relaxing few hours has come at the right time- my car is playing up. Everything that can seem to go wrong has gone wrong and it just doesn't want to be fixed. Thankfully I am a determined person so IT WILL GET DONE. I have a deadline of Monday as I am going for a test drive as I seek out a new, more reliable motor. The latest trial in the car saga... I don't have the right size wrench. SIGH. TERRIFIC!

So, whilst not on the topic of make do and mend- enjoy a spa day, but still be frustrated at a car that won't start. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

p.s.- I suppose it's make do and mend because I am doing the majority of the mechanic-ary stuff myself...

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