Monday, 2 April 2012

Another way of using up booze *hic*

I've posted about using up booze before but i've discovered a bottle of vodka with some left in the bottle. This is quite shocking as I don't actually like vodka. In the interest of saving space I made a vodka jelly. I hate having bottles lying around- this is made all the more infuriating when I don't even like the drink!

For my recipe I used Hartley's Strawberry Jelly.The reasons for this are two fold: they're on offer at sainsbury's and strawberry is my least favourite flavour so I wouldn't be too upset if it were inedible. However I am sure you could use whatever flavour and another brand if you felt so inclined.

Here's my recipe.

A word to the wise though: Your jelly can be very strong. Please do not drive or do anything dangerous or illegal after consuming this recipe!

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