Monday, 23 January 2012

My kind of programming!

I'm not too sure if any of my readers already watch this programme but SuperScrimpers on channel 4 is really interesting for those who like a little bit of make do and mend in the 2000s!

And now for a little taster of things to come:

  • Cheap ways to update an outfit 
  • Cheap entertainment 
  • A guide to what every sewing box needs
and hopefully many more things to come!  If anyone has any requests please get in touch.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Home made beauty balm.

Firstly I think an apology is in order. I have pretty much abandoned this blog as I had so much university work to do but now that all of my assignments are handed in and my exams finished I have promised myself that I would get back to blogging.

Back on topic!
The winter has been making my skin really dry, cracked and sore and none of the face creams that I already had in my (significant) stash of toiletries were fixing the problem. I then turned to nature and attempted to make my own beauty balm- a healing and thick creamy wax that when applied to the skin reduces inflammation to make the skin beautifully soft.

Rose water (30ml)
Shea Butter (100g)
Moringa oil (50ml)
Coconut oil (50ml)
Borage oil (5 capsules)
Lavender essential oil (5 drops)
Lemongrass essential oil (5 drops)
Rosemary essential oil (5 drops).


  1. Boil a kettle and fill a large bowl with boiling water. Put a second smaller and heat proof bowl and put it in the larger bowl filled with hot water. 
  2. Add the shea butter and rose water. They will separate because oil and water do not mix
  3. Whisk together until the shea butter has melted
  4. Add the moringa oil and whisk. Moringa oil is an emollient which will combine the oil and water together. 
  5. Carefully remove the bowl with the mixture out of the bog bowl of water
  6. Add coconut oil, essential oils and borage oil capsules and whisk. 
  7. Place in sterilised jars and refrigerate until solid. 
You can use whichever essential oils you like- I chose mine on their skin benefits. I also chose rosewater because it balances skin and has a calming effect. This balm is absolutely amazing as an all round skin product. I use it on my dry skin, cuticles and lips as well as a cleanser: I simply massage the balm into the skin for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a hot microfibre cloth or a flannel. 

If you do make this product, tell me how it goes please?