Friday, 2 September 2011

She blinded me with science!

I am sure that some people will say that you can never have too much glitter. This is certainly true in some aspects but not when it comes to clothes for interviews! 

I had a lovely (vintage, naturally) red shirt that I really wanted to wear for upcoming interviews. I really love the colour; I think it is daring and the interviewer will hopefully remember you and give you the job! However, this red shirt had glitter on it which falls off everywhere all over the rest of my lovely suit so it had to be dealt with.

I pondered for a quite a while as to how best remove all that glitter- I certainly couldn't pick it all off ( there was a ridiculous amount) and tape might damage the item. I knew a chemical was going to have to be used, but which one? All of a sudden I thought of my science lessons at school and wondered whether glue (which attached the glitter) was alkali or acid so I did a quick google and discovered that it is an acid and so I needed an alkali to get it off. I searched my cupboards- shockingly I had no bicarb. I tried toothpaste which was quite effective but I realised I would need approximately five tubes to get all the glitter off. I then tried soap which was amazingly effective: I had an old bar of Lush soap (Ice Blue I think it was) that didn't suit me as it made my skin feel quite dry so I scrubbed the soap all over the shirt and left it for a while. I later came back and gave the shirt a rinse- all the glitter had come off! The alkali soap had neutralised and dissolved the acid in the glue which meant the glitter had nothing to adhere to so it fell off. 

So there have been two lessons here; firstly that to get glitter off clothing just apply some soap, and secondly that paying attention in science class can actually be helpful at some point in your life- I've only had to wait nine years!

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