Thursday, 8 September 2011

Newly in love...

Tally ho there! I have done some more shopping (sometimes, even when embodying the war time spirit, one has to speculate to accumulate as the saying goes!). The best purchase has new bike!

It is a 1985 Raleigh Solitaire Shopper bought from this gentleman's Ebay for a very satisfying sum. I did not want to spend a large amount on something that was essentially a cheap run around for university and to get a pint of milk (and living where I live, there is a high risk of it being stolen!)

I picked up the bike from a short distance away and took it straight home where I promptly removed the original 'accessories' that came with it, namely some reflectors in Kellogg's character shapes, and painted over the Micky Mouse bell. I used some blue lacquer over the Micky motif and I must say, it looks rather smashing! I then used some cheap cream cleaner for 32p on the body work and promptly washed it off taking all the dirt and grime with it. I then used some cheap diluted vinegar on the chrome which added a lovely shine. 

The bike is an absolute pleasure to ride and I can now do a 30 minute walk in 5 minutes on my beautiful new stallion ( it's called Mable in case you were wondering!)

Why this is make do and mend: Whilst i've had to spend money on a bike, I do believe this is make do and mend for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it will reduce how much I will have to use my car- obviously, I can't cycle the 100 mile journey down the M6 to visit my parents but it does mean that I can travel slightly further afield in a shorter amount of time without using petrol. Secondly, buying a previously loved bike has saved it from the scrap heap. Finally, buying second hand means that a new bike, including energy to transport and make has not been used. 

Also, I really wanted one and I look cool on it, so there! :)

P.S. I did try and attach a picture of me riding the bike, but they all looked like I was superimposed in for some bizarre reason. If anyone could offer me some insight as to why that might be I would be very grateful. 

Here is a picture of my visage for the mean time:

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  1. Ohhhhhhh this is so well timed as I am having some serious thinks about getting a bike. You have given me lots of thoughts to add to my collection
    X X X