Sunday, 25 September 2011

In which I go to a vintage faire.

After the craziness of the past few weeks of working full time as well as doing university work, I thought that I might treat myself to a well deserved break. Whilst procrastinating I did my usual vintage faire search and found that there was one soon to be hosted at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery which is very close to where I live...and it was free entry. I awoke early- I always try to get there before everyone else has the chance to get the best bargains!

The faire filled up four of the large galleries in the museum. There was a wide variety of stalls and sellers all featuring different treasures from amazing fashion to books to retro home ware. There was even a stall that played old songs from wind up gramophones!

I really enjoyed the vintage faire. It was really great having one so close to me;  It meant that I didn't far to lug my booty ( one wool coat, one leather coat and a scarf) back home. I was particularly happy to see the museum being used well. It sits in the middle of the University of Salford campus and is often ignored, bar the coffee shop which serves impressive steak and onion baguettes, Mmmm! Myself and others must walk past the museum several times a week and always promise ourselves a visit inside but never actually do it. The one little niggle that I did have, however was that the lighting was not that good which has created some bizarre effects on photographs but I suppose a vintage faire is about the shopping experience, not photography which is why it is only a little niggle.

Featured seller- Donald and Miss June Vintage Living.
Whenever I go to a vintage faire I alway choose one seller who I advertise as a really good stall holder. I generally use twitter and facebook to do this but from now on I shall do this on here.

On the corner was a stall that was very strategically placed: it was just where everyone had to walk past it to get to the next room and opposite another stall that was reigned over by a disinterested seller who sold overpriced items. I really dislike stall holders who have this attitude- if you can not look interested in your items and happy to be there I will not buy from you. It is as simple as that.

This is why I went to the stall on the corner. The sellers looked friendly and were happily chatting away to customers. I glanced at the leather coat on the mannequin and thought it was lovely. Straight away the seller came over and started to discuss the item with me; she was enthusiastic, knowledgable and just a downright lovely person! Needless to say, I bought the coat and as I sit here typing I am looking at it adoringly.

The seller informed me that they generally do vintage fayres (find them in the Manchester area) but are now expanding on to the internet. At the moment the website is slightly restricted but I have absolutely no doubt that over time it will grow to be a wonderful emporium of vintage goodies. In the meantime, if you live near Manchester or are willing to travel, please keep an eye out for their stall- it will be the one with the excellent range of vintage clothing and the nicest seller that I've ever met behind it.

Just an odd little something!


  1. We bought a lovely set of glasses from Donald and Miss June which have already been annointed with sloe gin (the glasses that is!)

  2. Sloe Gin! A blogger after my own heart!