Saturday, 27 August 2011

The yellow dress...

Original dress.
I have previously blogged about modifying a little yellow dress that I own.  I had bought it off Ebay a while ago. I fell victim to a (hopefully unintentional) poor shot. The image showed the dress to be a pretty antique cream colour. When it arrived however, it was bright yellow, not a creamy yellow, but a shade reminiscent of what children often use to colour in the sun. Unsurprisingly this colour did not suit me; I am naturally very pale skinned, what most people would call 'English Rose'. This yellow clashed with the pink tones in my skin and It looked awful. 

Now, I could have thrown it in the bin or put it back on Ebay or donated it to a charity shop, but laziness prevailed and it remained in the back of the wardrobe. 

Until recently. 

Dyed dress
I bought a Dylon dye in 'Burlesque Red' which is a deep purple with red tones. I was expecting the entire dress to turn into the shade. However, this was not the case; because some of the dress was made of pure polyester and some cotton, I ended up with the dye taking hold in some places and not in others. I personally prefer this effect. Everyone who has seen the dress now says that the colouring suits me and the clash in colour within the material is just right- not too garish, but also not too subtle to make it look as if it were a mistake. I think it just shows how great taking a punt can be when it comes to fashion. This dress is now pretty much unique- how many will have thought to have dyed it, and of those how many will have used the exact shade I used? So please, be brave and take the dive!

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