Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vintage beauty products that I love.

It appears that everyday a new beauty product comes out. These all have a variety of audiences and promise to fix a variety of skin ailments because apparently (if you listen to the adverts at least) all skin is different. I am pretty sure that skin is similar to other skin; all skin is made from the same substance and has the same structure. I'm sure what the adverts are trying to say is that skin has different needs, that skin on the elbows can be dry whilst skin around your nose can be oily and that a teenagers skin may be spotty and their mother's skin may have wrinkles. 

I am going to make a daring statement: there is not a lot you can do about your skin. Often enough oily skin is made worse by over cleansing with products that are too harsh and dry skin can be made even drier if the skin becomes dependant on moisturiser ( have you ever heard of chapped lips becoming dependant on petroleum jelly and getting more cracked and sore when it's not used?) I propose to avoid all of this that we should take beauty back to basics and use what has worked for generations before us. 

In this post I shall discuss what I have found particularly useful in my beauty regime, particularly focusing on cleansing, toning and moisturising the face. 

I shall be honest here; I am a particular fan of The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser. This is not because I find it more effective then anything else, I just really enjoy the smell of it! I have a couple more applications of this to use and then I shall start using The Body Shop Passionfruit Cleansing Gel which I have a few bottles of (I got quite a few when a good offer was on). If you think about it, all cleansers are pretty much the same and have the same base; they all work on dissolving grease and grime, which means in theory you could use washing up liquid to get rid of your make up. Also, cleanser is on your face for such a short period of time it doesn't have any moisturising or magical purposes at all. Therefore you could use any old cleanser including good old fashioned soap. Generations before us have used soap (my favourite is Pears which Boots are selling for a pocket friendly 65p) and their faces remain in tact. However, I do recommend the use of an item that gently exfoliates the face, such as a flannel or a facial brush. I personally make do with a good old fashioned flannel (just make sure you wash it on a hot wash regularly to get rid of germs, and always try to dry it out between uses) as it saves me having to use an exfoliator which are often very harsh on delicate skin and can actually cause spots. 

I simply splash my face with some Orange Blossom water or Rose Water which can be found very inexpensively from ethnic food shops. Rose water is particularly hydrating and is said to help with mature skins as well as balancing oily skin too. As an added bonus both smell absolutely lovely too and can also be made into a nice refreshing sweet drink when diluted with water. You can also mix the orange blossom or rose water with a dash of water and put in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge as this makes a lovely refreshing treat for hot skin. Many shop bought toners have alcohol in them which irritates the skin and can cause drying which makes skin that is already dry sore and oily skin over produce sebum to compensate for lost oils. 

Now this is where advertising comes into its own: if you listen to them you may find yourself believing that you need a different moisturiser for each stage that the moon goes through. It's unbelievable the amount of rubbish that we are encouraged to buy. I simply have one moisturiser Boots Traditional Cold Cream (£2.42 for 200ml) which is very similar to Ponds Cold Cream (£4.49 for 50ml). After washing my face before I go to bed I simply put some of this on. It's rose smell is really pleasant and it simply works. I wake up with super soft skin which means that in the morning all I have to do is quickly wash my face and go, I do not need moisturiser. I do however put a sunscreen on because I am so fair skinned and I do not wish to damage my skin. Furthermore, Cold Cream can be used as a cleanser- all you do is rub it into your skin, leave it for a couple of minutes and then wipe off with a flannel which cleanses the face of dirt and grime and removes make up too! Impressive!

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