Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Up and coming projects

I have a few little projects that need to doing to update some of my clothes. I like modifying my clothes so that they fit better and are a little bit different from everyone makes the odds very slim of someone in the room having the same outfit as you! 

I enjoy buying clothes from vintage shops and Ebay and I frequent charity shops for bargains and those amazing garments you just do not find anywhere else. I have very odd proportions- size 12, 5"5", hourglass which means that often enough, high street clothes just aren't flattering but I do also scout the high street for clothes that can be customised and changed to my needs.

My up and coming projects include:

  • Using up some net material from a petticoat to make accessories
  • Changing the buttons on my winter coat to create an entirely new look 
  • Dying this yellow(!) dress a different colour.

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