Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Making apple chutney is the best way to spend a friday night

I'm not sure what most other 20 year old women were doing last friday night but it is fair to assume not many of them were making apple chutney.

I been to see my grandparents earlier in the week and had noticed that there apple tree was covered in apples. I asked my grandparents if they minded me picking a few and they warned me that the apples were still sour but I could help myself to as many as I wanted. And that I did- I walked away with three carrier bags full. 

I decided the best way to use these apples was to make an apple chutney, (roughly) following this recipe. I have made tonnes of apple chutney. The only thing from stopping me making more is that I have run out of jars. I still have one carrier bag full of apples left so I may attempt to make some pie filling and maybe some schnapps from this recipe. 

All of my chutney has now been allocated and snatched up- my grandparents of course will be getting a jar.  It's really nice to think that a very cheap recipe made from produce found in the back garden can create such happiness; I really enjoyed making it, everyone who has been gifted a jar so far is grateful and my grandparents are happy to see the apples go to good use and to reap the benefit.

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